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Open Letter to College and University Faculty from a Worried Grandma

My Aunty Nancy posted this letter this morning and encouraged others to share.   Dear College and University faculty, I am writing to ask you to save the lives of my grandchildren. Their… Continue reading

Building a Multi-Ethnic Children’s Library – Ezra Jack Keats – Plus Complaints About Weather

It is April 22, and here in Saint Paul we are in the middle of a snowstorm – we are expected to get 2-4 inches tonight.  This is the third snow storm in… Continue reading

Lectionary Sunday – Tabitha – Acts 9:36-43

36 In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor. 37 About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed… Continue reading

No Mirror’s in My Nana’s House

In light of the Dove post earlier this week, I thought that I’d share this song, performed by Sweet Honey in The Rock and shown on Nick Jr. The song has been a… Continue reading

Reimagine Beauty – Dove Forensic Sketch Artist Ad

When I started this blog I named it “Reimagine Imago,”  because I think that part of healing our world, our relationships with God, other and self requires imagining those things differently.  The images… Continue reading

“Ethnic Books” – Blind Spot – Multicultural, Multiracial, Multi-ethnic Children’s Literature

Education Week’s Early Years Blog reports that preschool teachers cannot name books with non-white protagonists, even as 40% of our students are non-white in the United States: A group of more than 100… Continue reading

Cross-race Connections

Originally posted on Junior League of Minneapolis:
Minnesota has the nation’s worst on-time graduation rates among Latinos and American Indians and is among the worst for black and Asian students.  See how several…

Saint Thomas – Michelle Alexander Lecture

                        Tonight I was able to attend Michelle Alexander’s lecture at the University of St. Thomas.  In her talk as well as… Continue reading

“Spunk” Review

Spunk! was fabulous last night.  If you are in the Twin Cities you really must go see it, there is only one week left. Each act of the play is the telling of… Continue reading


One of the best things about living in the Twin Cities is our Theatre Scene.  Rumor has it that we have more theatre seats per capita than any other city in the country… Continue reading