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No Mirror’s in My Nana’s House

In light of the Dove post earlier this week, I thought that I’d share this song, performed by Sweet Honey in The Rock and shown on Nick Jr. The song has been a… Continue reading

Expectations – Literacy and Music Monday

His tutor didn’t show up on Thursday, called and said that he was stuck in a meeting.  So my third grade friend and I sat down in the computer lab/ tutoring office and… Continue reading

Positive Youth Development and Hot Cheetos and Takis

I’m sure by now many of you have seen this video of “Hot Cheetos and Takis” by the YNRich Kids at the North Community YMCA here in Minneapolis.  Kids all over Minneapolis (and… Continue reading

Long Absence – Throw Down Your Heart

It has taken awhile to get back into the blogging routine, but I’m hopeful that this week will change that.  I’ve started to work a new second job, and am loving it.  I’ll… Continue reading

Music Monday: White Sandy Beach Of Hawaii

  A year ago today I was in Hawaii, watching the weather channel amazed that back home in Minnesota 17 inches of snow had fallen, and the roof of the Metrodome had fallen… Continue reading

Music Monday – Sarah McLachlan – Wintersong

Without a doubt, my favorite Christmas Album of All Time.  In this week of Advent, where we reflect on “peace” let this album calm your spirit. Sarah McLachlan Wintersong Even if you only… Continue reading

Music Monday – The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (The Kids)

I got two Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend and Contra)  albums this weekend, so good, sort of Paul Simon-y. Really fun.    I have been listening to both albums all weekend and really enjoying the… Continue reading

Music Monday – Tight Rope

Only two hours to go in this Monday.  But I still love this song. Richard and I saw Janelle Monae in concert this spring and it was with out a doubt THE.BEST.PERFORMANCE.I.EVER.SAW.  … Continue reading

Music Monday – Monster Mash

Happy Halloween! So excited for Trunk Or Treat!  There were tons of Trick or Treaters walking down Grand Avenue yesterday while I was running errands.  I started my Halloween Celebrating a little early… Continue reading

Music Monday: Kirk Franklin “I Smile”

My favorite favorite song of the year. And yes, you, yes, you look so much better when you SMILE.