About Re-imagine Imago

We all carry pictures of God with us.  Even those who don’t believe in God, have a sort of picture of who God could be like if God existed.  Some of those pictures are holy, true, beautiful reflections of who our God is.  Some of those pictures are destructive, harmful and twisted.  Some come from church, others from the arts and media,some from family, some from scripture, our traditions, some from the sciences and the arts.  None of them are complete on their own.

I once heard a preacher say that our love for God, cannot grow faster than the picture of God that we carry with us.  I’d say that our picture of God, our picture of ourselves, and our picture of the rest of creation are the three things that define how we love God, how we love our neighbors (all of creation) and how we love ourselves.

Reimagine Imago is about re-imagining the images we hold of the world, God and ourselves.  Whether it’s twisted notions of God, low expectations of Urban Youth, thoughts about our own value and worth or something else – Reimagine Imago is about allowing our holy creativity, the word and the spirit to change the images that we carry.