Moving and Evolving

Hi Friends.

Here’s a quick update.  I’ve set up a personal blog and moved most of my content from reimagineimago over there.  The website is still under construction, and I have some writing to catch up on after my injury.  But please, check me out at:


I’ve also started a greeting card business which is available at:

Daley Blooms is a story of healing. In February of 2016, in a rush to get to an event, I hit my head on the door frame of my car which lead to a brain injury. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and trouble finding words kept me inside my home. I had to drop out of school and could not work.

For the first few months I was stuck at home, struggling through my physical therapist’s homework for me to set the timer for 5 minutes and walk around the living room. In April, I had recovered enough endurance to walk outside, first to the end of the block and back, then around the block, then to the local park three blocks away.

As I was emerging from the winter of injury, the trees were beginning to emerge from their winter and blooms were emerging. I continue to heal, the flowers continued to emerge, in the five months since my accident my family has lost two grandparents and has wrestled with how to best care for some vulnerable people in our family. In my community of Saint Paul, my neighbors have been grieving the death of a community member, and wrestling with how to make our community more safe for people of color. It has been a time of sadness, anger, confusion and hurt.

But the flowers continue to bloom. Great beauty and great hurt exist side by side and as we pay attention to the beauty and the hurt at the same time our hearts begin to grow. Daley Blooms is a store dedicated to sharing the beauty that often gets overlooked with the conviction that beauty leads to healing.