Music Monday: White Sandy Beach Of Hawaii

Wishing that I was here, and remembering a very fun camping trip with cousins, dad, uncle and aunt. Photo Credit: Thomas Hahusseau


A year ago today I was in Hawaii, watching the weather channel amazed that back home in Minnesota 17 inches of snow had fallen, and the roof of the Metrodome had fallen in.  Today I’m in Minnesota, watching drizzle fall and melt the little snow that we have left.  I’m ready for a white sandy beach.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is one of my favorite musicians.  Before he passed my family saw him in concert at the Kauai Community College I think that I own every record that he released, and even some that were released after his death.

At my grandfather’s memorial service last year we sang Bruddah Iz’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” as a sing along, my friend Dwight sang, “In This Life.”  These are two of the most beautiful songs that I know.

But today, I’m longing for a white, sandy beach, some sunshine, and some gentle waves.