Shame and Fear Busting Fridays – Boys and Friendship

I saw this report on the Today Show about boys in late adolescence being ashamed to have deep friendships for fear of appearing gay, or girly.

For the past serveral years my work with Middle School students has primarily been with the girls in our church.  But this year I’ve combined the boys group and the girls group.  I have a new compassion developing in me for boys who aren’t sure what it means to be a man and have a network support around them.

I’ve noticed the difference between fourth and fifth grade boys who love to play and talk together, give each other hugs and pray for each other, to eighth and ninth grade boys who sit silently next to each other, unless an adult brings up a football game.

I’m not sure how to move forward with this, I’m not sure how to help young guys develop and maintain friendships.  I’m interested in reading this book and seeing what else is at play here.

Deep Secrets