Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I am participating in the Word Press Post a Week Photo challenge.  Each week participants are given one word as a prompt and then share a photograph or a series of photos.

Most weeks I’ve been taking pictures that week in order to share them on the blog, but this week’s prompt reminded me of one person in particular and I had to dig up some old pictures.

Here’s Grandpa in his pjs, drinking coffee out of his mug with his name on it in English and Hawaiian.  (I couldn’t find another one with Chuck on it, but if you know a Mark, there’s a mug with his name on it here).

This week’s prompt of course is “breakfast.”

Grandpa was the breakfast chef when we would visit.  My grandpa was diagnosed with Terminal cancer about a year ago, he passed away in January of last year.  After his death, I wanted to eat breakfast food at every meal.

When I was in third grade, we visited my grandparents on Oahu.  We got to go out for breakfast at the Naval Base, this was as far as my sisters and I can remember, our first buffet experience in a restaurant.  There was an omelet bar, waffles, crab legs, it was completely out of control.

As we left the lunch, my sisters and I oggled these ice cream bars hand dipped with sprinkles.  My grandpa treated us to ice cream on top of the buffet.

I love that we all look so intense.  My sister is grabbing her belly in pain, while my other sister stares with a spooky intensity at the camera.  There is definitely melted chocolate on my face.

My grandpa lived well, he enjoyed life.  His favorite toast was, “to happiness,” and back to the breakfast theme, he claimed that there was scientific proof that each slice of bacon eaten would give a person 20 minutes of happiness.

My sisters and I still love breakfast, or at least pancakes, or at least pancake dates.  I’ve been thinking about Grandpa a lot this week, and this prompt was an incredible blessing to be able to remember him by.
So, to happiness.