Music Monday – Monster Mash

Happy Halloween!

So excited for Trunk Or Treat!  There were tons of Trick or Treaters walking down Grand Avenue yesterday while I was running errands.  I started my Halloween Celebrating a little early this year.

Some of you know that I had a short term gig as an English Teacher for September and October.  Friday was my last day, and since we were teaching the imperative form, I found an eHow article on how to carve a Jack O’Lantern.


The world's fastest pumpkin scraper.

My Students and the volunteer teacher Gary with our Jack O'Lantern

For our Math Skills warm up I found a worksheet called, “Monster Math.”   In an attempt to explain the pun, I showed this video.

We have a call as the people of God to care for the stranger and the immigrant. What I found though that in teaching the class, I was welcomed, cared for and encouraged.  Rather than the immigrants and the strangers being taken care of.  I found a group of warm hearted men and women who made me laugh, prayed for me, and encouraged me.  Sure I taught them some grammar, some American culture.  But I think that I was blessed disproportionately.