Trunk Or Treat – Angry Bird (Creativity Saturday?)

I’m getting more and more excited for Trunk or Treat on Monday night.  Trunk or Treat is at 5:30 at Park Avenue Church in the parking lot on the corner of 34th and Oakland.

This week, my mom and I put together a costume for me to wear.

I’m going to be an Angry Bird!

I’m hoping to recycle my costume to be able to wear it on Thanksgiving for the Turkey Day 5K (because what other day of the year does a bird have a right to be that angry?)

Here’s what we did:

First we checked out some pictures of the Angry Birds characters and other people’s costumes on the iPad.

Mom cut out 4 circles out of red sweatshirt fabric, with a radius of 18″

She also cut the same sized circles out of quilt batting.

While Mom worked on the circles, I started sketching each of the Angry Birds features on printer paper to make a pattern.

I cut the pattern pieces out and pinned them to nylon flag fabric.
Then I used the sewing machine to sew two layers of quilt batting, and the red fleece.  I sewed the pieces inside out and turned them right side out like a quilt or a pillow.  I made two of these “pillows.”
Using double sided iron-on fusing I placed each of the facial features on to the top pillow.
Almost done now he’s starting to look like an Angry Bird, but still looks a little rough.  
I picked up some black “puffy paint” at Michael’s on my way home from work yesterday, and outlined the features.  (I had so much fun with the puffy paint, that I had a hard time walking away – I’ll have to find some more puffy paint projects.)
I’m going to tack the two pillows together at the shoulders and the waist and dress in warm black clothes.  I may make a red hat to wear with but I am not sure.
What are you going to wear for Halloween?  Will you be giving out candy or participating in an event somewhere in your community?
I’ll post pictures from our trunk or treat on Tuesday.