Creativity Tuesday – Pancake Date

He’s sort of silly.  But he was one of my creative projects this weekend, and I think that he’s so cute, so I wanted to share him with you all.

Please allow me to introduce Pancake Date, or PD for short.

My sister and I were on the phone a few weeks ago, when she mentioned she was going on a pancake date.  Of course she meant that she was meeting a friend for pancakes in the morning, but we started talking about going on a date with a pancake.  And then it just got silly.

PD is made from art paper, crayola crayons, elmers glue, ballpoint pen and a black sharpie.  He was laminated at FedEx last night.

We’re starting a sort of “flat stanley” like project, where PD will go places with us in Minnesota and in Michigan or where ever else life takes us.  And PD will get to go on dates, and be photographed.   He had his first date last night with my former roommates.

He is going to the post office immediately after I finish this post, we’re hoping that he’ll make it to Michigan in time for the homecoming game at the Big House this weekend.