Tuesday Create Day – Crayons and Heat

This idea has been on quite a few blogs lately.

like this one, and this one, and this one.

But I didn’t have canvas, and I didn’t want my melted crayon art to look just like every body else’s.

We’ve been listening to a lot of The Muppet’s “The Green Album” lately.

So my art is inspired by: “It’s Not Easy Being Green;” “The Rainbow Connection;” and Gonzo’s Pitch Perfect Poultry Orchestra’s “Blue Danube”

First, I painted some scraps of cardboard with acrylic paints.

Second, using a hot glue gun, I glued crayons along one edge of the cardboard.

Third, with the blow-dryer set on high heat and low speed, the crayons were heated up.

(WARNING – melting wax is far more liquid and prone to splashing than I would have expected, if I did this again I would not keep the cardboard at such a high angle, and I would have covered more of my living room with paper or drop cloths)

The results are really cool:

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If you don’t have a hot glue gun, they are available on Amazon as well