Music Monday – Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are

Last year I was talking with one of the youth in my youth group.

She is one of the most beautiful children I have ever met.  Not just in a, her soul is beautiful way either, though it is.  Nor is she beautiful in a “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” kind of way either.  Just straight up, she is the picture of beauty.  We were talking about what she brings to school in her lunch.  Celery, spinach, carrots, and sometimes a couple grapes.  When I asked why she packed that she told me:

I am fat, I need to lose weight, and I need to be prettier.

When I asked my middle school girls who they admire last year, unanimously they chose Selena Gomez.  “She’s pretty,” they told me.

The psalmist writes that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Our bodies, our faces, our hair, our skin, our teeth, all wonderfully made.

I wish that more girls and women believed the message of this song.  I wish that I believed the message of this song.  But too often, we fall into just what Bruno Mars describes:

I know, I know, when I compliment her she won’t believe me                        

 And it’s so, it’s so sad, to think that she don’t see what I see

But every time she asks me do I look ok? You know I’ll say. . . You’re amazing just the way you are.  

Richard came across this cover of “Just the Way You Are” by Mary Mary the other day.  It’s very sweet.  Erica and Tina sing the song to their daughters.  Bruno sings it to a lover.  But this is a message that both little girls and grown women need to hear again and again.  This is a message that mom’s and dad’s need to tell their children.  This is a message that Pastor’s and minister’s need to speak to their congregations.  This is a song that we must teach our son’s to sing to the women in their lives.   This is a message that needs to be heard.